This questionnaire is for the mutual benefit of puppy buyer and breeder. It is not a binding contract, nor constitutes puppy buyer being chosen to take puppy. Your answers are not the only deciding factor in regards to Dobermann Pinscher suitability. Please answer honestly.

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    Dobermann Ultimatus focuses solely on top quality, champion European Dobermanns.

    We are registered breeders of European Dobermanns who reflect the continued tradition of excellence intended from their precise design via FCI standards. Our bloodlines are consistent, easy to trace testimonies of purity with reliable temperament, health, trainability, and overall longevity of life.

    At our kennel, we couple decades of experience with over 110 years of tested knowledge and tradition. Our sense of continuity extends from boarding to housing. This working breed demands a level of attention and love that must be met by an equally motivated owner.

    Whether your working dog is intended for domestic, protective, or show presentation lifestyles, the happiness of both pet and owner are contingent on a foundation of respect, knowledge, and patience. We screen candidates with the same scope and vigilance we raise our Dobermanns with.

    Our Method:


    The perfection of a working dog relies as much on the chemistry as it does training and stimulation. Every dog is an individual, and we listen and watch as often as we train and instruct. Better understanding what makes a Dobermann unique will indicate whom best to pair them with; how best to challenge/train them, and where they may excel more than other dogs. While every dog is indeed an individual, you can guarantee any working dog from our kennel will share the same common denominator of incredible, controlled drive; and a sound, character-rich temperament.


    As responsible breeders, we try to optimize the health of our dogs through a premium raw food diet. This practice echoes back to their ancestry and natural blueprint. Nature intended for canids to maintain a raw diet, and their structure accommodates the chomping and tearing of natural protein opposed to the unnatural grinding of kibble.


    A working animal is a pet with drive and intelligence. Working breeds exhibit all the qualities that you would welcome in a family pet. A Dobermann will bring a reasonable demand to your lifestyle that enriches both you and your dog’s personal growth. These breeds aren’t accessories, they crave mental stimulation and want to work for you; and satisfying this need fortifies the unbreakable bond between dog and man.


    When it comes to Showing, our pedigrees demonstrate excellence of the highest caliber. We’re strengthened by our relationships to kennels renowned for producing exemplary Dobermanns. These relationships extend to European kennels that practice the passionate and precise breeding that made this working dog excellent to begin with. You can say that through these enriching, educational relationships, we strive to “import perfection”.


    Through one of the only trusted third parties in genetic research and disease detection for dogs, “VetGen”; we test for vWD (Von Willebrands Disease), and DCM (Dilated Cardiomyopathy). We take these devastating conditions so serious that our outlook includes owning the newest digital holter, DR400, to establish early detection. Furthered inspections include X-Rays for hips, elbows, heart and eyes through the OFA.

    Why We Crop & Dock

    Despite preconceptions, cropping the ears of a dog is less about aesthetics and more about correcting human error. Human intervention, and the constant cross breeding of man’s best friend has lead to Domestication Syndrome; essentially breeding out naturally occurring, and necessary facets of a dog’s anatomy.
    One has to consider that flopped ears do not predominantly, naturally occur in nature (at least not in the nature of a dog’s ancestry). Wolves, coyotes, foxes, dogs and bears all benefit from upright ears for hygienic, expressive and efficient reasons.
    1. Hygiene – Flopped ears beget a collection of moisture and grime. One will have to clean and dry the ears 2-3 times a week, and that still won’t stop your dog from itching and pawing at his/her irritation.
    2. Efficiency – Simply, your dog will hear better with the ears nature intended them to have. They are also less vulnerable to an offender grabbing them by said ears during a moment of crisis – this, as well as infection, were very relevant during trench battles in the second World War.
    3. Relationship – Expressive ears on a dog are as distinct as human eyebrows. You will enrich your relationship with your dog by knowing what they’re communicating (eg. Airplane ears, affection; upright, alert; etc). You can even determine where a point of interest may be when your alert companion rotates or points a single ear.
    European Dobermanns are the last bastion of intended cross breeding; they’re the last time a dog was comprehensively bred for working purposes before the North American trend of cross breeding for the sake of “Wouldn’t it be cute if…” household pet culture.
    Their job; their purpose, is to protect and love the household/owner you bring them up in. Cropping their ears is allowing them to reach their full potential without obstruction or obstacle.
    The process is done to a young pup quickly while they are put under. Their behaviour and personality don’t change, and our kennel opts out of giving them needless pain drugs.
    Tails can be kept long, with fewer issues, if the dog is an outdoor dog. That being said, Dobermanns are passionate and emotionally devoted; they are a sensitive and loving breed – you’ll likely have them traverse in and out – we would never recommend keeping them outside, nor keeping the tail long.
    The tail is an extended spinal cord and liability to their well-being. Whether the dog is excited, in heat, under stimulated, or experiencing “Happy Tail” – there is more than a 50% chance of them breaking it. It moves powerfully, and will often smack tiled floor; sharp fencing, walls, etc. It can be slammed in a door, stepped on, and snagged. Lacerations (exposing muscle and bone), fractures to the spine, infections, and neurological damage are all possibilities with such a liability.
    The numerous, and likely injuries to the tail of a domesticated Dobermann can lead to more
    serious, and more expensive conditions nobody wants to deal with. Nerve damage can effect the ecosystem of the dog’s functions (digestion, sensation, etc), and enough fracturing and frequent breakage can lead to amputation.
    The average dog owner, uneducated but full of love for animals, will understandably judge and
    preconceive notions about cropping ears and tails. Dobermanns are not your average dog, and owners of such must be more educated to rise to the occasion. In actuality, these seemingly aesthetic procedures are preemptive measures to give your dog the best they deserve.

    Erin Canada

    I purchased my beloved doberman through Dobermann Ultimatus and I have to say they are the most amazing breeders by far. Very knowledgeable and patient with all my questions and concerns. Top quality is definitely showcased through these amazing pups. I will definitely recommend this breeder to anyone looking for a canine of excellence. Thank you!!

    Michelle B
    December 28, 2018

    San Francisco, California

    Shani and Ameer have been wonderful to work with from before my pup was born and still now that he’s been with me for two weeks. They’ve been super knowledgeable, informative, supportive, helpful…everything I wanted from a breeder once I took my new pup home.
    I found their beliefs, style, and values aligned with mine so I felt it was a perfect fit. I’ve only had my little guy for two weeks now but I am totally in love!

    Danielle Rabkin
    Instagram:@Derabkin @hercultimatus
    January 3, 2019

    Atlanta, Georgia

    Doberman Pinschers have been my dream dog since I was a child. For years I’ve been doing research on different breeders. Once I clicked on their Instagram I knew it was meant for me to own one of their puppies no matter the cost! I immediately saw how excellent these guys are. They are extremely patient and caring with communication. Considering this is my first Doberman I had a lot of questions and no question ever went unanswered. They are very knowledgeable. Now I feel as though I have an extended family in Toronto! They are the best!

    Isaiah John
    January 2, 2019

    Happy valley USA

    I haven’t bought a puppy from you guys yet. And I don’t think I’ll be able to for quite some time but I was seriously looking into it a while back and the person I was talking to was one of the nicest most enjoyable and knowledgeable people I’ve ever had the opportunity to chat with even tho I was not able to purchase the puppy he stayed very professional and respectful answering all my questions and even reaching back out to me to make sure I wasn’t missing out on one of his puppies really appreciated your guys time. Maybe someday I’ll be able to buy one of your beautiful doggies.

    Libbie Matoon
    January 3, 2019


    Dobermann Ultimatus is in my opinion one of the most professional and caring Dobermann breeder in the world! That‘s why my puppy came the long way from Canada to Germany and i couldn‘t be happier with this decision. They always take time for your questions and will keep you updated about your puppy. With a dog from Dobermann Ultimatus you will get a healthy and beautiful best friend!

    Anne Slach
    January 3, 2019

    Toronto, Canada

    I don’t even know where to start! I was looking for a dog for months when finally I spoke with the Ultimatus team. I told them exactly what I was looking for in a dog and I can honestly say they nailed it! Uzi is a perfect combination of personal protection and pet which is what I wanted. I’ve had him for over 3 years and till this day If I ever have any questions on training, food etc. they’re there to help. If you’re looking for top quality and someone who will help you pick a dog that best fits your family and lifestyle then they’re it. I was so intrigued by how well they know each dog and study their behaviour – they’re extremely knowledgeable. I can’t thank you guys enough, so, THANK YOU!

    January 3, 2019

    Montreal, Canada

    Doberman Ultimatus was so patient answering all of our questions and ensured their puppy was going to a good home . We appreciate how thorough their information was and how vital it was to preparing us for our adventure with our new puppy .

    Doberman ultimatus doesn’t shut you out or forget about you once you’ve purchased your puppy , they welcome phone conversations and inquire for updates which has made the experience so much more positive knowing that we can count on them.

    Diablo is affectionate, loyal and very attentive. At the same time he has the drive to work and loves to be active. His temperament is a great balance and he’s really a pleasure to have around. We have such an amazing addition to our family and we thank you so much .

    Nicolas Capano
    January 4, 2019

    Toronto, Canada

    It is difficult to find words that describe our gratitude for Shani and Ameer. They are two of the most ethical, knowledgeable and dedicated breeders you will ever find! For anyone interested in a high quality pure bred Doberman, this is the only breeder I would trust. Their dedication to producing offspring that represents the best characteristics of dobermans, from conformation to working ability to temperament, is unbeatable. They are also dedicated to performing every health test they can on their dogs which are participating in their breeding program to insure they do not pass on congenital/genetic diseases in their breeding lines. Whether you are looking for a working doberman or loving family pet, definitely consider Dobermann Ultimatus. Ego is the biggest blessing for our family and we could not love him more! Not only is our puppy the most handsome puppy we have seen, his temperament and manners are perfection. Shani and Ameer have been there for us every step of the way. We feel so comfortable knowing we can contact them at any time and they will be there to answer any questions we have, along with giving us guidance with any concerns that may arise. Finding and selecting a breeder is very stressful and we are beyond pleased with the choice we have made. These are breeders that truly love their dogs. Our handsome boy is a dream come true and we will forever be grateful to Dobermann Ultimatus.

    Val Shelkunov
    January 5, 2019

    St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

    I spent about 3 years researching dobermann breeders, trying to find one that I trusted and that cared for the dogs as much as I would care for my own pup one day. I came across Dobermann Ultimatus on Instagram about a year and half ago and began to have conversations with them about the potential of getting a puppy from them. Throughout the last year and half, they have been nothing but professional, patient, and full of information regarding the breed. I got to bring home my pup about 10 days ago, and I have spoken to both Ameer and Shani almost everyday. Their love for the dogs they breed goes beyond just breeding, they truly care about each and every pup. They have answered every question I have had with kindness and patience and I couldn’t expect anything more from a breeder. Dobermann Ultimatus comes HIGHLY recommended, and I am honored to be a part of the Ultimatus family.

    Maggie Motiani
    January 6, 2019


    Since I‘ve been active on Instagram, it was always a dream to have someday a Doberman of Dobermann Ultimatus!

    Our Doberman Onyx died unexpectedly last June. Some time later I contacted Ultimatus. Although all Dobermans of Ultimatus are cropped and docked they were willing to make an exception – cropped and docked dogs are strictly forbidden in Switzerland. I‘m still very thankful and I appreciate their accommodation very much!

    Shani did all the customs documents, organized everything with the vet and the airline – it was quite complicated to fly in a puppy to Switzerland. Shani also answered all my hundred questions… she had always time for me!

    Ameer sent me many many videos and photos of all the puppies and told me all the different characters of each one so I could choose the perfect Doberman puppy for our family!
    Shani and Ameer had always time for me – talking on the phone or writing an sms message.

    When I picked up our puppy in Toronto, Shani brought our little RoxX to the airport. She even bought a crate for him. She helped me at the airport to fill in all the documents and supported me till everything was fine with RoxX.

    RoxX is now 7 months old. He’s a full family member – he’s our one and only! He became a great Doberman – he‘s very self-confident, friendly and affectionate. He has a great and strong character!

    Thank you so much Ultimatus for taking this big effort to sell a uncropped and undocked puppy to Switzerland! We would never ever buy a Dobermann at another breeder!

    Joyce Mosimann
    January 6, 2019

    Doha- Qatar

    Very good breed of Doberman dogs and their excellent handling.

    January 6, 2019

    Scottsdale, AZ/US

    From day one, Dobermann Ultimatus has been very responsive and the most knowledgeable.
    After researching breeders for a year, I ran across their Instagram and knew instantly they were the one after our first conversation. Not only are the dogs beautiful, they strive for each puppy to be the healthiest as possible and makes sure each home is the best.
    I am so thankful they allowed us to have this beautiful, goofy boy as an addition to our home. Can’t wait to add another fur baby in the near future!

    Amber Lee
    January 6, 2019


    It wasn’t until after I got my first Doberman that I was introduced to the breeder. After following Dobermann Ultimatus on Instagram for some time, I knew when I was ready to get my second one it would come from them, and I’m incredibly happy to say that it did. I got my beautiful little girl Envy. She is everything that I look for in a doberman, down to health, physical appearance and temperament. Not only am I happy with my fur baby but the overall experience I had. I got to see their facility where they care for their dogs. It’s clean it’s spacious and eveyone that works there is welcoming. The love, the care and the commitment that these people have for these dogs is so obvious and it’s something that’s truly important to me.

    I am constantly asked which breeders I would recommend and there is only one that I can say with full confidence and it’s Dobermann Ultimatus.

    Stephanie Wollmann
    January 28, 2019

    Brampton, Ontario

    As new pet owners we had many questions…we were super impressed with the quality of service and knowledge Shani, Ameer and his entire team had provided. Since we got our girl we have been receiving continued support and guidance along with highly effective training and couldn’t thank them enough. I would highly recommend Dobermann Ultimatus to anyone looking for excellent quality canine puppies.

    Vindy and Bally Kullar
    Instagram:@vindy_kullar @bally_kullar @dianaprinc3
    February 25, 2019
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    This questionnaire is for the mutual benefit of puppy buyer and breeder. It is not a binding contract, nor constitutes puppy buyer being chosen to take puppy. Your answers are not the only deciding factor in regards to Dobermann Pinscher suitability. Please answer honestly.

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