Since I‘ve been active on Instagram, it was always a dream to have someday a Doberman of Dobermann Ultimatus!

Our Doberman Onyx died unexpectedly last June. Some time later I contacted Ultimatus. Although all Dobermans of Ultimatus are cropped and docked they were willing to make an exception – cropped and docked dogs are strictly forbidden in Switzerland. I‘m still very thankful and I appreciate their accommodation very much!

Shani did all the customs documents, organized everything with the vet and the airline – it was quite complicated to fly in a puppy to Switzerland. Shani also answered all my hundred questions… she had always time for me!

Ameer sent me many many videos and photos of all the puppies and told me all the different characters of each one so I could choose the perfect Doberman puppy for our family!
Shani and Ameer had always time for me – talking on the phone or writing an sms message.

When I picked up our puppy in Toronto, Shani brought our little RoxX to the airport. She even bought a crate for him. She helped me at the airport to fill in all the documents and supported me till everything was fine with RoxX.

RoxX is now 7 months old. He’s a full family member – he’s our one and only! He became a great Doberman – he‘s very self-confident, friendly and affectionate. He has a great and strong character!

Thank you so much Ultimatus for taking this big effort to sell a uncropped and undocked puppy to Switzerland! We would never ever buy a Dobermann at another breeder!

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