It wasn’t until after I got my first Doberman that I was introduced to the breeder. After following Dobermann Ultimatus on Instagram for some time, I knew when I was ready to get my second one it would come from them, and I’m incredibly happy to say that it did. I got my beautiful little girl Envy. She is everything that I look for in a doberman, down to health, physical appearance and temperament. Not only am I happy with my fur baby but the overall experience I had. I got to see their facility where they care for their dogs. It’s clean it’s spacious and eveyone that works there is welcoming. The love, the care and the commitment that these people have for these dogs is so obvious and it’s something that’s truly important to me.

I am constantly asked which breeders I would recommend and there is only one that I can say with full confidence and it’s Dobermann Ultimatus.

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